The Fuss Over Fracking

We are in the age of climate destabilization.

We had the strongest cyclone to make land fall  in record history a few weeks ago in the Philippines. There have been record bouts of drought, followed by flooding, severe storms, forest fires and even icebergs the size of Singapore are breaking off into the ocean as you read this at your energy sucking computer or mobile device.

With all of this climate change chaos it seems unreal that the liberal leaning state of Illinois recently passed a bill that legalizes hydraulic fracking.

Hydraulic fracturing, fracking, is a process of drilling for natural gas deep within the shale rock that is located miles beneath the earth’s surface.

Photo courtesy of Fracking Resource Guide

To learn more about the history of fracking and it’s environmental repercussions in the United States click here. 

Fracking  has stirred up controversy between environmental and scientific groups—which question its safety and pro-business groups—which support the economic benefits of recovering potentially massive quantities of natural gas.

All political, economic and environmental debates aside the rocky ground deep beneath Southern Illinois is due to be wrung dry like a sponge by fracking companies looking to make a profit and appease their shareholders.

 “The fight against fracking here in Illinois is not just about saving our environment from one of the most destructive forms of extraction. This fight is about showing lawmakers and corporations that the people still have the power. We need to show the country that the people are fed up with the marriage of government and big business. We have the power y’all and its the only way to save the planet.” –Chicagoland against fracking

Fracking is illegal in countries such as Germany and France. It’s also been voted to be banned in states such as Vermont and many cities in Colorado, New Mexico and California. I asked some of Loyola University Chicago’s’ environmental and economic experts to get their opinion.

In the end it doesn’t come down to fracking; it’s the question why are we even doing this to our earth? Why does our society demand such consumption of energy that we would even consider this a viable option?


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