Death, Taxes, and Climate Change

This past Thursday evening in Mundelein Auditorium hundreds of people were eagerly filling up the seats. By the time the clock struck seven, it was a full house. Looking around me I heard environmental science professors discussing their research,  climate scientists trading business cards and students- a lot of  curious students.

Everyone had congregated for one reason: to hear the renowned National Geographic photographer, avid mountaineer, and climate change activist speak.

Environmental Conference

The director of The Institute of Environmental Sustainability introduced the key note speaker, “Looking at these problems through ethical terms gives the public a chance to not be bogged down  in technical terms from a typical scientist.”

Balog was cheered onto the stage and began by showing a trailer of his award winning documentary, Chasing Ice. Which I reviewed last week.

There are endless limits and opportunities surrounding climate change. It’s not a debate about whether it’s real or caused by humans.

“It’s a shame that our society has turned climate change into a political football,” said Balog. “I’m here to provide you with evidence. Substantial, moral and ethical evidence of what we are doing to our earth. This isn’t a liberal, hippie, or republican issue. It is purely a moral issue.”

“Do you breathe air, eat food, or pay taxes?” He asked. “Then climate change is affecting you.”

The Boulder native gave  a truly transcendent lecture that left audiences with their minds churning and eager for change.


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