Chasing Ice coming to Chicago

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Filmmakers of environmental documentaries are often criticized for preaching to the converted.

Conscientious citizens who understand the reality of climate change will hear about the film, they’ll watch it and then become newly energized.

Giving campaigners a morale boost is definitely nothing to be ashamed of but in order to make progress we must reach out to the general public.

Environmentalists often talk about ‘reaching out to the mainstream’, but Chasing Ice takes this aim more seriously than most and subject of this film will be at Loyola University Chicago this month.

In recent years Loyola has made great strides as a “sustainable” urban college. In fact the new Institute of Environmental Sustainability will be hosting The Conference of  U.S. Energy and Climate Change November 14- 15.

U.S. Energy & Climate Change Conference

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The keynote speaker is James Balog,  the subject of Chasing Ice, and award winner of the Excellence  in Cinematography at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. The film was shortlisted for the 2013 Academy Awards.

Balog has been a leader in photographing and interpreting the natural environment for three decades. “I love the scientist, but I wasn’t interested in being a scientist,” stated Balog in his film. “ I had this idea that the most powerful issue of our time was the interaction of humans and nature.”

Chasing Ice is a breathtaking and compelling film dropping viewers on the front lines of climate change through Balog’s photography. This film successfully grabs people and makes them believe. I urge you to take the time and go online and watch the film before November 14th,  it will captivate, motivate and scare you.

The goal of this conference is to raise awareness about the urgency of climate change and to explore and discuss the validity of the scientific evidence supporting climate change, the ethics of fossil fuel extraction and energy production, and the public policy options regarding energy in the United States.

“We are bringing in some of the country’s top climate scientists. We have the region’s top environmental policy expert, and two of the most well-known environmental ethicists,” said Nancy Tuchman, PhD, director of the Institute of Environmental Sustainability.

“We hope to develop some solid messaging concerning the ethical void in our decisions to develop and implement technologies like fracking, mountaintop removal, and tar sand extraction, instead of putting those efforts towards renewable energy technologies.”


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